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"Short Stories" Is a charity created to share the different experiences, adventures, tragedies, and wisdom of being a female and our womanhood. Each Pair of shorts will have the story of a anonymous woman. Every pair will never be the same- unique Stories. 

25% Of your money will go towards a charity rather its Breast Cancer, Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimers, Depression, etc. We want to help. We want to help make a difference. Everyone is important to us, but we all know a lot of times as females we are often overlooked, taken advantage of, misjudged and more. We want the world to hear our voices. For centuries, Women have been told what to do. Now its our turn to tell the world WHAT WE CAN DO. We are strong, Brave, Powerful, Intelligent, Compassionate, Loving, Athletic, Trendy, and Unstoppable. Sugar Baby was not created in any sexual way. Sugar Baby was created because we want to change our meaning. not only in sterotypes but as being women. I hope with purchasing your heart is fulfilled. You helped us help others and with time the WORLD will know who makes the MEN in WOMEN. 

- CEO 

Short Stories Charity
Leave Your Story To Be Featured ! (Name will remain anonymous)

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Our Donating Charities:

- American Red Cross

-American cANCER society

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